The route was devised by the Dutch explorer Hendrik Brouwer in 1611, and found to halve the duration of the journey from Europe to Java,

Brouwer is a boutique capital advisory company with extensive experience in Mergers & Acquisitions and Financing Advisory across a range of industry sectors. Brouwer assists earlier-stage companies raise Growth Capital.

...compared to the previous Arab and Portuguese monsoon route, which involved following the coast of East Africa northwards, sailing through the Mozambique Channel round Madagascar and then across the Indian Ocean, the Brouwer route was created to speed up the journey by 40%. The Brouwer route was a merticulously planned route which was crafted to avoid reef and other dangers on the way to the riches of Java.  By 1616 the Brouwer Route was compulsory for sailors of the Dutch East India Company.

The Brouwer route.

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